031.02 FARMERS – The old farmer’s almanac, 2017 : calculated on a new and improved plan for the year of our Lord.

523.01 TYSON – Astrophysics for people in a hurry

641.76 MOORE – The South’s best butts : pitmaster secrets for Southern barbecue perfection

920 HORN – Life of Tom Horn : government scout and interpreter

976.6 GRANN – Killers of the Flower Moon : the Osage murders and the birth of the FBI

E 004 ALOIAN – How a computer is made

E 004.6 ABRAMOVITZ – How do computers talk to one another?

E 005.3 CARMICHAEL – What are programs and apps?

E 306.875 RUSCH – Ready, set–baby! : a kids know book

E 510.92 LABRECQUE – Ada Lovelace and computer algorithms

E 534 MAURER – Do you really want to yell in a cave? : a book about sound

E 537.2 TREE – Fun with static electricity

E 551.352 MAURER – Do you really want to create a mudslide? : a book about erosion

E 551.51 KIM – When the wind blows

E 551.63 MAURER – Do you really want to drive in a blizzard? : a book about predicting

E 595.796 DENIJS – An ant’s colony

E 598.156 WORTHINGTON – A bird’s nest

E 599.37 DENIJS – A beaver’s lodge

E 599.638 BELL – Meet a baby giraffe

E 599.83 BELL – Meet a baby lemur

E 621.8 LEE – Use a pulley

E 621.9 MCFADDEN – A construction worker’s tools

E 625.2 SILVERMAN – How do trains work?

E 627.8 PETTIFORD – Dams

E 629.224 SILVERMAN – How do big rigs work?

E 629.23 ALOIAN – How a car is made

E 629.434 LABRECQUE – Yvonne Brill and satellite propulsion

E 635.9 AVERY – A landscaper’s tools

E 636.932 BRANNON – Pet rabbits

E 725.827 PETTIFORD – Stadiums

E 793.73 KEAST – Marvel

E 793.73 MAWHINNEY – Star Wars rebels

E 793.73 PETROSSI – Paw patrol.

E 794.8 CARMICHAEL – How do video games work?

GN J 741.5 SIMPSON – Phoebe and her unicorn

GN J 741.597 CHANTLER – Three thieves. Pirates of the Silver Coast

GN J 741.597 CHANTLER – Three thieves. The dark island

GN J 741.597 CHANTLER – Three thieves. The iron hand

GN J 741.597 CLANTON – Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt

J 005.1 LYONS – A world of programming

J 005.1 LYONS – Learn to program

J 388.1 SNEDDEN – Roads

J 507.8 ORR – The Space Needle

J 507.8 TATLOCK – Statue of Liberty

J 518.23 HIGGINS – Graph it!

J 530.8 HIGGINS – Measure it!

J 530.8 HIGGINS – Weigh it!

J 531.112 WEAKLAND – Whoosh! : Wile E. Coyote experiments with flight and gravity

J 624.2 HARDYMAN – Bridges

J 625.2 CIOVACCO – All about trains

J 629.227 CIOVACCO – All about motorcycles

J 631.8 ABELL – Build a compost tumbler

J 641.563 JORGENSEN – No egg on your face! : easy and delicious egg-free recipes for kids with allergies

J 712 BELL – Build a compact garden

J 794.8 GREGORY – Minecraft : guide to building

J 794.8 ZEIGER – Minecraft : enchanting and potion brewing

J 794.8 ZEIGER – Minecraft : mining and farming

J 794.815 HARRIS – Understanding coding with Minecraft

J 808.7 LINDLEY – Funny food jokes

J 808.803 LINDLEY – Marvelous monster jokes

J 818.602 FULLMAN – Stellar space jokes

J 818.602 LINDLEY – Hilarious doctor jokes

J 818.602 LINDLEY – Silly school jokes

J 818.602 LINDLEY – Super safari jokes

YA 690 WOOLF – Buildings

GN YA 741.597 LEE – Maximum Ride. 1

GN YA 741.597 LEE – Maximum Ride. 2




FIC ARDEN – The bear and the nightingale

FIC ATKINS – Robert B. Parker’s Little white lies

FIC BACKMAN – Beartown

FIC CARR – Any day now

FIC CHILD – The forgotten room

FIC CHILD – Full wolf moon

FIC CHILD – Terminal freeze

FIC DENNING – A study in brimstone

FIC DENNING – The Hell-hound of the Baskervilles

FIC HARPER – The dry

FIC MCGARRITY – Backlands : a novel of the American west

FIC MCGARRITY – Hard country

FIC MCGARRITY – The last ranch : a novel of the new American West

FIC MCMAHON – Burntown

FIC NESBO – The thirst

FIC PATTERSON – 16th seduction

FIC PATTERSON – The black book

FIC SANDFORD – Golden prey

FIC STEEL – Dangerous games

LP FIC BUNN – Miramar Bay

LP FIC BUTLER – The hearts of men

PB FIC CHILD – The third gate


Easy Reader

E FIC BAGLEY – Laundry day

E FIC BARDHAN – Splatypus

E FIC BERENSTAIN – The Berenstain Bears grow-it! : Mother Nature has such a green thumb

E FIC DISNEY – The princess and the frog : the story of Tiana

E FIC DISNEY – Snow White and the seven dwarfs : the story of Snow White

E FIC EVANS – Catch a ride

E FIC EVANS – Doozers have green thumbs

E FIC EVANS – The need for speed

E FIC EVANS – Rabbid of the sea.

E FIC GREENE – Push! dig! scoop! : a construction counting rhyme

E FIC LORD – Hot Rod Hamster and the awesome ATV adventure!

E FIC LORD – Hot Rod Hamster and the Wacky Whatever Race!

E FIC MARSHALL – Big truck’s road adventure

E FIC MARSHALL – Digger’s busy day

E FIC MARSHALL – Emergency! Emergency!

E FIC MARSHALL – Tractor’s farmyard fun

E FIC SCANLON – Bob, not Bob!

E FIC SCIESZKA – Zoom! boom! Bully

E FIC SHAW – Stick with it

E FIC STEVENS – And the dish ran away with the spoon

E FIC WARD – Brobarians



J FIC FRY – How to be a supervillain

J FIC GEORGE – My side of the mountain

J FIC KORMAN – Payback

J FIC LANDERS – Tales of the rebellion

J FIC LANDERS – Vader’s secret mission

J FIC LANDERS – Yoda’s secret missions

J FIC ROSE – Jasper and the riddle of Riley’s mine

J FIC SPEARE – The witch of Blackbird Pond

J FIC STINE – Creature teacher, the final exam

J FIC STINE – Dr. Maniac will see you now

J FIC STINE – A nightmare on Clown Street


Young Adult

YA FIC AHDIEH – Flame in the Mist

YA FIC BARDUGO – Ruin and rising

YA FIC CLARE – Lord of shadows


YA FIC RIORDAN – The dark prophecy

YA FIC TAYLOR – Days of blood & starlight

YA FIC TAYLOR – Dreams of gods & monsters


Audio Books

CD 305.420 NEVINS – You don’t look your age : and other fairy tales

CD 792.23 BELL – The awkward thoughts of W. Kamau Bell : Tales of a 6′ 4, African American, heterosexual, cisgender, left-leaning, asthmatic, Black and Proud Blerd, ma

CD 976.600 GRANN – Killers of the Flower Moon : the Osage murders and the birth of the FBI


CD FIC CHILD – Three more Jack Reacher novellas

CD FIC DAHL – Boy & going solo

CD FIC FINDER – Buried secrets

CD FIC KING – Gwendy’s button box

CD FIC KOONTZ – The mask

CD FIC NORTH – The end of the day


CD FIC PATTERSON – Two from the heart



DVD 616.852 OCD – OCD and me

DVD FIC ANGELS – Angels & demons

DVD FIC BONES – Bones. Season one

DVD FIC BOOK – The book of love

DVD FIC DOG’S – A dog’s purpose

DVD FIC FIFTY – Fifty shades darker

DVD FIC LA – La la land

DVD FIC OCEAN – Ocean waves

DVD FIC OFFICE – Office Christmas party

DVD FIC RESIDENT – Resident evil: the final chapter

DVD FIC RUNNING – Running wild

DVD FIC SECONDHAND – Secondhand lions

DVD FIC SHERLOCK – Sherlock. Season one

DVD FIC SHERLOCK – Sherlock. Season two


DVD FIC WAIT – Wait till Helen comes

DVD FIC WAR – War on everyone

DVD FIC XXX – XXX : return of Xander Cage